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The Business:

Mouse Maketoni runs Mouse’s Fencing, a Fencing Contracting business based in Taranaki, New Zealand. His main vehicle is a 3.5 tonne Protech tracked post rammer. He installed 16 ChainGrips in total, eight each side.

Farm – The Challenge:

Mouse was working on a ridge-top farm on a 2km fencing contract. The terrain was steep and the weather conditions were wet making the ground soft and slippery. Because the crew had been riding up and down on bikes, the slope surfaces had turned into thick mud.

The Solution:

“With the 16 ChainGrips on, eight each side, I didn’t break traction. The traction held going downhill and uphill. Without the ChainGrips I would never have done it. They massively reduced our downtime. TrackGrip’s ChainGrips saved us a possible two week delay on a three week job and gave me real peace of mind – I didn’t worry where I was driving, I just kept going as if it was dry,” says Mouse Maketoni, Business owner, Mouse’s Fencing.

Forestry – The Challenge:

A fencing contract in a forestry block involved installing 1.5km of fencing boundary around the trees. It was steep, dry and the base was like gravel. It would have been like a skating rink without the ChainGrips.

The Solution:

“When you’re moving you can look back and see the indents of the ChainGrips in the ground where they’re biting in. You know the ChainGrips are making contact with the hard ground and holding for you.

“Without the ChainGrips we would have had to do some of the job by hand which would have stretched it out. I get to hills and either climb or back up them – I don’t even stop to think if the vehicle will make it. I know the ChainGrips will come through for me,” says Mouse Maketoni, Business owner, Mouse’s Fencing.

Outcomes for the Business:

  • Easy installation – “The only time I take the ChainGrips off is when I’m transporting and need to put the vehicle on a trailer. As soon as I reverse off the trailer the ChainGrips go on for the entire job. I’ve got installation of all 16 units down to 15-20 minutes.
  • Massively reduced downtime – The ChainGrips saved us a possible two weeks delay on a three week job.
  • Increased safety in previously unworkable conditions – Sometimes you look at a hill and question whether you should tackle it, but with the ChainGrips you don’t think about it – you just do it!
  • Traction, stability and safety for you and your vehicle – prevents slipping and sliding, providing peace of mind.

“Those ChainGrips are a safer bet than a full tank of gas on a Sunday drive.”

Mouse Maketoni

Mouse’s Fencing, Taranaki, New Zealand