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mightygrip information bolt-on track attachments no drilling or welding required

“We are very satisfied with TrackGrip. They have turned triple grouser cleats into forestry slag killing monsters.”

– Evergreen Landcare Ltd, New Zealand
A Heavy Duty Model – additional wear plates and gusseting add strength for use in the most punishing environments
Patents: AU2011213365B2, CA2969770C, CA2789136C, NZ602283B2, NZ700669B2, US9862436B2

MightyGrip is a bolt on track attachment to provide increased traction, stability and safety for excavators, hoes, skid steers and steel tracked vehicles. Manufactured from high tensile steel, the heavy-duty design provides the ultimate in sideways protection preventing your excavator or tracked vehicle from slipping and sliding.

If you use bolt on track grousers or cleats for added traction, try MightyGrip – the bolt on track attachment sits the entire width of your track spreading weight evenly – no rocking side to side. Installation and removal takes 30 minutes – your tracks maintain their integrity as there is no welding or drilling required.


  • Improves safety, traction and stability 
  • Patented sideways protection – prevents sideways sliding 
  • Install a full set in 30 minutes – no drilling or welding required
  • Easy removal when you change terrain 


mightygrip bolt-on track attachment for muddy conditionsMUD

mightygrip bolt-on track attachment for snowy conditionsSNOW

mightygrip bolt-on track attachment for clay conditionsCLAY

mightygrip bolt-on track attachment for rock and shale conditionsROCK/SHALE

mightygrip bolt-on track attachment for forestry conditionsFORESTRY



MightyGrip for Forestry Skid

The Challenge:

Morepork Forest Harvesting were working on a forestry skid with heavy machinery on slopes of up to 43°.  Access was tight with near vertical drops either side.  The terrain was sandstone base – soft and unstable.


The Solution:  

The Sumitomo SH240 with 700mm double grousers and 30 ton plus undercarriage was fitted with MightyGrips bolt on track attachments.  MightyGrip provide the ultimate in sideways protection.


The Outcome:

These bolt on track attachments meant less time with the bucket on the ground providing stability and more time spent operating.  Improvements included:

  • Increased safety – exceptional sideways protection – ability to operate when climbing or descending a slope and walking across on an angle
  • Dramatically improved traction and stability on forestry debris
  • Improved fuel efficiency
  • The bolt on track attachments gave flexibility with no permanent modification to tracks
AU2011213365B2 – Patent – Australia
CA2969770C – Patent – Canada
CA2789136C – Patent – Canada
NZ602283B2 – Patent – New Zealand
NZ700669B2 – Patent – New Zealand
US9862436B2 – Patent – USA

MightyGrip FAQs

What is a MightyGrip?

To make jobs safer and easier TrackGrip offers the patented MightyGrip – a quality, durable excavator and tracked vehicle bolt on track attachment to increase traction on the toughest of terrains; from mud and snow through to hard surfaces. Exceptional traction and sideways protection means less downtime and increased efficiency for tracked vehicle operators and rental vehicle companies.

As a bolt on track attachment, what terrains and conditions is the MightyGrip designed for?

MightyGrip is a bolt on track attachment that requires no welding or drilling.  It is ideal for a wide range of tough terrains from mud and snow through to hard surfaces, sandstone, papa and clay.

Is the patented MightyGrip customized for different track configurations and vehicle weights?

MightyGrips are bolt on track attachments. Each MightyGrip is manufactured to fit a range of track configurations and vehicle weights along with customised solutions for most tracked vehicles. They can be used instead of bolt on track grousers and excavator track cleats.

How long does it take to install MightyGrips on an excavator or tracked vehicle compared to using excavator track cleats and bolt on track grousers?

MightyGrip takes 30 minutes to install a full set (an average set of MightyGrips totals 20).  There is no welding or drilling required so your tracks maintain their integrity.  Because of the bolt on, bolt off attachment, they are easily removable when changing terrains.  Excavator track cleats and bolt on track grousers require welding and drilling to install so are much more time consuming and labour intensive as a solution.

TrackGrip - The ultimate traction upgrade.

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