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Excavator Track Attachments

For added traction on tough terrain.

TrackGrip offers a selection of high-quality, durable, and detachable track attachments designed for excavators, hoes, diggers, and tracked vehicles.

All TrackGrip track attachments are crafted to enhance machine traction on challenging terrains. Our product line includes MightyGrip, IceGrip, RubberGrip, and ChainGrip, guaranteeing optimal traction in tough conditions and adverse weather. If you currently rely on grousers or cleats for traction, TrackGrip excavator track attachments provide a superior solution. Here’s why:

Forward and sideways protection

Our track attachments are engineered with exceptional forward and sideways protection, mitigating sliding risks in challenging, steep, or slippery conditions. This translates to enhanced safety for machine operators, leading to improved onsite productivity and reduced machine downtime. You can trust that your team will complete the job on time and within budget.

Quick installation and removal

The fast and straightforward installation and removal process for all our track attachments, coupled with the absence of welding or drilling requirements, ensures that you preserve the integrity of your tracks. This versatility allows your machines to navigate various terrains without compromising their performance. Choose TrackGrip for a reliable and efficient solution to conquer any terrain.

TrackGrip Products for Excavator Tracks

Discover the unparalleled benefits of MightyGrip, a cutting-edge bolt-on track attachment engineered for your excavators, hoes and steel-tracked vehicles. Crafted from high tensile steel, MightyGrip’s heavy-duty additional wear plates and gusseting add strength for use in the most punishing environments like mud, snow, clay, rock, shale and in dense forestry.

Why choose MightyGrip over traditional grousers or cleats?

MightyGrip spans the entire width of your track, promoting even weight distribution and eliminating side-to-side rocking for enhanced stability.

Fitting MightyGrips are simple with a swift 30-minute bolt-on installation and removal process. No welding or drilling is required, preserving the integrity of your tracks.

Elevate your equipment’s performance with MightyGrip.


Discover the power of IceGrip, the ultimate snow traction device. Crafted from high-tensile steel, IceGrip’s heavy-duty design provides outstanding sideways protection ensuring grip even in extreme weather.

Why choose IceGrip over traditional ice lugs or ice cleats?

IceGrip is engineered to maximize traction on icy surfaces, permafrost, and various challenging terrains providing unbeatable traction in these extreme conditions.

Ice lugs/cleats are welded onto your machine, so will compromise the integrity of your tracks. They are difficult and timely to install and remove and can damage the road and your trailer while transporting. In contrast, IceGrip requires no drilling or welding and takes 15-30 minutes to install or remove! This means you can keep your machine versatile or change terrain as required.

The IceGrip sits the full width of your track distributing weight evenly and offers excellent sideways protection, preventing your excavator or tracked vehicle from sliding on ice and other slippery surfaces. Make the smart choice for snow traction on your excavator or tracked vehicle by using IceGrip this winter.


Find out why TrackGrip track attachments are your best alternative to grousers, cleats and track pads  – Read the blog

ChainGrip is the premier excavator chain track attachment designed to enhance traction, stability, and safety for excavators and rubber-tracked vehicles. As the most versatile solution in the TrackGrip product line (fitting 95% of track widths), ChainGrip is engineered to support work in all conditions, delivering unparalleled performance across various terrains.

Why choose ChainGrip over other chain attachments?

The key advantage of ChainGrip is the speed and ease of use. Ideal for a wide range of applications, from clearing carparks and driveways of snow to providing traction on dirt slopes in farm and forestry terrain, ChainGrip ensures efficiency and convenience and provides the same benefits as chains on a rubber-tyred vehicle.

With a simple bolt-on bolt-off mechanism, ChainGrip can be effortlessly installed or removed in just 15-30 minutes. This rapid adaptability allows for seamless transitions between different tasks and terrains.

RubberGrip on a Skidsteer machine -TrackGrip

RubberGrip is an excavator track attachment or track cleat that provides increased traction, stability and safety for excavators and rubber tracked vehicles. Designed for muddier conditions and softer terrains, RubberGrip provides a good depth and bite in ice, snow, mud, forestry and bush.

Manufactured from high tensile steel, these rubber track attachments assist with sideways protection to support against sliding. RubberGrip’s can be easily installed and removed in 30 minutes with a bolt-on mechanism and no drilling required – keeping your machine versatile to changing terrains.  Our RubberGrip track attachments can also extend the lifetime of your rubber tracks and allow you to repurpose worn-out tracks.


Are you ready for better traction, stability, and safety for excavator operators?

Our complete range of TrackGrip track attachments are sold exclusively through our extensive dealer network throughout the USA and right across the globe. Find your nearest TrackGrip dealer to purchase in-store today!