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Frequently Asked Questions

General FAQs

What are TrackGrips used for?

TrackGrip are a steel traction device that fits over top of your tracked vehicles to provide enhanced forward and sideways traction on all types of terrain. They are an improved alternative to traditional grousers, cleats or lugs.

What type of tracked vehicles do TrackGrips fit on?

Our track attachments are designed to fit a wide range and sizes of tracked vehicles from 1 tonne 2204.62 pounds to 100 tonne 220462 pounds.

How do I know if a TrackGrip product will fit or be useful for my particular machine?

You can find your nearest dealer and go in-store to speak to an expert that can help. You can also call our International Sales Manager at 224-306-2556.

How many TrackGrips will I need for my machine?

The number of TrackGrips required depends on the machine. Typically, we would recommend 7-10 number per side, so a total of 14-20 per machine. However, some vehicles require less/more depending on the make/model, terrain and required traction.

What is sideways protection?

Our track attachments are engineered with exceptional forward and sideways protection. This means our innovative design helps to mitigate sliding risks in challenging, steep, or slippery conditions. Sideways protection translates to enhanced safety for machine operators.

How long will a set of TrackGrips last on my machine?

Made from high tensile steel it means the product is durable and long-lasting. Depending on the conditions where the TrackGrips are used we have had customers experience an extremely long life with the product in certain conditions.

Are TrackGrips the same as grousers, lugs and cleats?

TrackGrips, grousers, lugs and cleats are all types of traction devices, however they do differ in size, quality and installation. We believe our patented TrackGrips are an innovative and improved solution to these traditional traction solutions – Read why TrackGrip track attachments are your best alternative to grousers, lugs, cleats and track pads.

Are TrackGrips useful in the construction industry?

TrackGrips are useful in all industries that require track vehicles to access difficult or hard to reach areas on challenging terrain. However, the construction sector in particular would benefit from using TrackGrips since our attachments can be used on a wide range of terrains and offer easy install and remove to keep machines versatile to different jobs or sites.

Which TrackGrip product would I use for forestry operations?

Our track attachment MightyGrip is built for the most punishing forestry landscapes and is guaranteed to enhance your machine and operator safety in forestry operations. Find out more here.

Is there one attachment I can use for all terrain?

ChainGrip can be used on excavator and skid steer machines, and it is the easiest and quickest product to put on and off your tracked vehicle. It is the most versatile and multipurpose of all the TrackGrip products as it can run on hardpack or any terrain and is less aggressive.

Although ChainGrip can apply to all types of terrain, we recommend IceGrip as the ultimate snow traction device and MightyGrip for more heavy duty or punishing environments.

MightyGrip FAQs

What is a MightyGrip?

To make jobs safer and easier TrackGrip offers the patented MightyGrip – a quality, durable excavator and tracked vehicle bolt on track attachment to increase traction on the toughest of terrains; from mud and snow through to hard surfaces. Exceptional traction and sideways protection means less downtime and increased efficiency for tracked vehicle operators and rental vehicle companies.

As a bolt on track attachment, what terrains and conditions is the MightyGrip designed for?

MightyGrip is a bolt on track attachment that requires no welding or drilling.  It is ideal for a wide range of tough terrains from mud and snow through to hard surfaces, sandstone, papa and clay.

Is the patented MightyGrip customized for different track configurations and vehicle weights?

MightyGrips are bolt on track attachments. Each MightyGrip is manufactured to fit a range of track configurations and vehicle weights along with customised solutions for most tracked vehicles. They can be used instead of bolt on track grousers and excavator track cleats.

How long does it take to install MightyGrips on an excavator or tracked vehicle compared to using excavator track cleats and bolt on track grousers?

MightyGrip takes 30 minutes to install a full set (an average set of MightyGrips totals 20).  There is no welding or drilling required so your tracks maintain their integrity.  Because of the bolt on, bolt off attachment, they are easily removable when changing terrains.  Excavator track cleats and bolt on track grousers require welding and drilling to install so are much more time consuming and labour intensive as a solution.

IceGrip FAQs

What is an IceGrip?

The IceGrip is a snow traction device – a patented steel cleat/gripper that clamps onto the steel track shoe of excavators, dozers and tracked vehicles to increase and enhance traction in snow and ice environments. IceGrip is designed not to come off the track shoe because of the patented design and sideways protection that helps prevent sliding on all hard surfaces. IceGrip improves safety, traction and stability in challenging ice and snow terrains.  If you use ice lugs or excavator track ice cleats, try IceGrip – no welding or drilling required.

What terrain and weather conditions has IceGrip been designed for?

Patented IceGrip provides for increased traction, safety and stability in ice, permafrost, rock, shale, compact snow and ski mountains. Excavator operators have driven up steep slopes on 10+ feet of solid ice using IceGrip as a snow traction device and it provides full traction.  It is an alternative to ice lugs with the added benefit of sideways protection.

As a snow traction device, how does IceGrip hold up on excavator and tracked vehicles that are twisting and turning on ice and snow?

IceGrip is a snow traction device that has been designed with patented sideways protection. This prevents sideways sliding in deep, hard ice and snow conditions.  Most ice lugs and excavator track ice cleats do not provide this benefit.

When it comes to snow traction devices, what are the main benefits to an excavator or tracked vehicle operator when they choose IceGrip over Ice lugs or excavator track ice cleats?

IceGrips are removable and require no welding or drilling.  They can be installed or removed in 30 minutes whereas ice lugs and excavator track ice cleats become a permanent fixture and can both tear up roads and transport equipment.

ChainGrip FAQs

When considering excavator track grips, how is ChainGrip unique compared to the other TrackGrip products?

ChainGrip is an excavator track grip or excavator track chain.  It is the easiest and quickest product to put on and off your tracked vehicle.  It is the most versatile of all the TrackGrip products as it can run on hardpack or any surface, and is less aggressive.

What kind of tracks can you fit ChainGrip to?

ChainGrip is an excavator track grip that fits both steel and rubber tracks for excavators, skid steers and tracked vehicles.  As a traction control device, it is multi-fit across 95% of tracks.

How does TrackGrip’s ChainGrip increase operator and vehicle safety on slopes?

As a traction control device, ChainGrip provides increased safety in previously unworkable conditions due to the traction and bite the chains provide into the ground.  These excavator track chains assist with sideways protection when going uphill and downhill, increasing traction, stability and safety for the tracked vehicle and its operator.

How long does it take to install and remove a set of ChainGrips?

A set of 16 ChainGrips means 8 are fitted to each track of an excavator or tracked vehicle.  The simple bolt-on/ bolt-off mechanism, no drilling or welding required, means it takes 15-30 minutes to install, and the same time to remove.  It makes these excavator track chains easy to use and versatile.

RubberGrip FAQs

What is a RubberGrip?

The patented RubberGrip is a rubber track attachment designed to enhance traction, safety and stability of the vehicle, assisting with sideways protection when navigating slopes and tough terrains.  It is an alternative to skid steer track cleats and steel cleats for rubber tracks.

In what conditions do you use RubberGrip on your tracked vehicle, excavator or dozer?

As a rubber track attachment, RubberGrip is ideal for using on your tracked vehicle, excavator or dozer when you’re dealing with conditions like ice, snow, mud, forestry and bush.  These track attachments or devices extend the lifetime of your rubber tracks through the added traction support.

As rubber track attachments, how do RubberGrips add traction in muddy and wet conditions?

The RubberGrips are rubber track attachments that are lined with a series of serrated teeth to provide bite in the mud and terrains where your rubber tracks would find it hard to gain traction.  Their patented design also assists with sideways protection to support against sliding.

How long does it take to install a set of RubberGrips on your tracked vehicle?

RubberGrips are rubber track attachments that are easily installed with simple bolt-on, bolt-off installation and removal.  They can be installed in just 30 minutes and removed in 30 minutes which makes it easy when changing terrains.  This makes them a far more efficient option than skid steer track cleats and steel cleats for rubber tracks.