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On February 18-21, Directors John and Yvonne Burling and CEO, Sonia Kiser from the TrackGrip team flew to New Orleans to attend the American Rental Association’s, The ARA show – the largest equipment and event rental convention and trade show in the world. The show featured rental-specific seminars, industry networking, and equipment for three market segments: construction and industrial, general tool and light construction, and party and special event rental.  The following is a wrap-up from CEO, Sonia Kiser;

For TrackGrip it was a show we had wanted to attend for some time – knowing we would gain valuable insights into the industry, see new products, and would ultimately be a great networking opportunity.

“The conversations we’ve had over the past couple of days never could have happened if we weren’t here in person ” – John Burling,  TrackGrip

We attended the show with our North American ambassadors Todd Hoffman and Jack Hoffman from Goldrush / Hoffman Family Gold, and Andy Spinks. We met with our existing customers and dealers as well as networked with prospects that could tap into our worldwide dealer network. We connected with some of the largest rental companies in the USA and we hope to work closely with them in the future.

A major highlight of the show was the overwhelmingly positive response to the TrackGrip products. Some frequent responses we received were “How did we not know about this product?”, “I wish we met earlier before welding ice lugs on all our machines!”, “Do you know how much money we could have saved if we had these products on our machines?!” –  This response was encouraging and validated our plans for further business growth. We know our products provide a unique solution to the market by offering quality, durable attachments that provide advanced traction, forward and side-ways protection and easy installation and removal.

“We made some good connections, and I feel like we made some really good inroads with rental companies and some of the OEMs” – Todd Hoffman, Hoffman Family Gold

Attending the ARA Show proved to us how important it is to be present and show up for these types of trade shows and events. The face-to-face conversations we had, couldn’t have been done over the phone or remotely. Having potential dealers hold and see our products and for us to be able to explain the business value proposition first-hand and answer any questions was truly worthwhile.

“We’ve come away with insights, connections and opportunities that will transform our business – there is no doubt we’ll be back here in 2025.” – Sonia Kiser, TrackGrip