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Whether you work in construction, agriculture, forestry, or mining – chances are that excavators or heavy-tracked vehicles are used frequently across a range of different terrains to get the job done.

At TrackGrip, we manufacture attachments for excavators and tracked vehicles to improve traction on tough terrain. Our track attachments are market-leading and can be installed and removed in minutes without permanently modifying your machine.

If you’re working on tough terrain like ice, rock, snow or mud – We know that a set of TrackGrip attachments on your vehicle will leave your machine and its operator better off.

Here are five reasons why:

1. Enhanced safety for your heavy vehicle operators

When you’re working on tough terrain like ice, snow, rock, shale or mud – it adds risk to your operators. TrackGrip’s tracked vehicle attachments provide added traction in tough terrain to keep your excavator and tracked vehicle operators safer and reduce the risk of damage to your machines due to slipping or tipping. TrackGrip’s product range includes:

MightyGrip: Enhanced traction in mud, snow, clay, rock/shale & forestry.

IceGrip: Traction for excavators and steel-tracked vehicles working in ice, permafrost, snow, rock and shale.

RubberGrip: Rubber track attachments that provide good depth and bite, enabling you to run on soft, muddy, wet ground, snow and forestry.

ChainGrip: Supports work in all conditions and is great for clearing car lots and driveways. Ideal for terrains requiring less aggressive traction.


2. Productivity = higher efficiencies and less downtime

Projects are challenging and schedules are tight in the current economic climate. Downtime over the winter period can be costly and delay jobs so it needs to be kept to a minimum.

Whether your work site is soft wet ground or icy slopes, TrackGrip allows work to proceed in previously unworkable weather conditions and enables your machines to get to previously inaccessible locations. Reduced downtime means enhanced productivity from your machine and higher efficiencies on-site.


3. Traction and stability – reduce the risk of sideways sliding on slopes

A major issue for excavators during harvesting, mulching hedges or using a bucket, is the stability and safety while operating on slopes. Sliding downhill can be dangerous to the operator and also risks damaging expensive heavy machinery.

TrackGrip’s attachments provide additional stability and traction for machines by reducing rotation, skidding, and sliding in wet, soft or icy weather conditions. Read how MightyGrip attachments helped Morepork Forest Harvesting gain access to hard-to-reach forestry tracks on slopes of up to 43 degrees.


4. Keep your machine versatile – with simple install and remove

You may be familiar with cleats, grousers or ice lugs – all of which require permanent or semi-permanent fixtures to your machine. For example, ice lugs have to be welded onto vehicle tracks which means that once installed, your machine is bound to a specific terrain or area until they are removed.

TrackGrip attachments are a unique alternative to these products, they are bolt on and off and can be installed and removed in 15-30 minutes with no drilling or welding required. Our grips sit the full width of your vehicle track to provide even weight distribution to your machine and protect the integrity of your tracks.

The TrackGrip product range is also compact and easy to transport which means you can choose the TrackGrip attachment to best suit your terrain and easily adapt to changing weather conditions.  Quick and simple installation and removal means your machine can be more flexible for use across a range of terrains in all types of conditions.


5. Durable – extends the lifetime of your machine

TrackGrip is one of the most extensively researched, developed and tested range of excavator track attachments available on the market. Our products are manufactured from the hardest high-tensile steel for extreme durability. The range is designed to withstand any site condition and the steel grade is hardened and abrasion-resistant, offering long life expectancy in high-impact environments.

For example, our popular IceGrip is designed to function at minus 15 degrees Fahrenheit (minus 25 degrees Celsius) and in all weather conditions. Its serrated teeth have been designed to penetrate through ice, snow, rock and shale with the side spikes providing exceptional sideways protection.

The TrackGrip range is cross-functional, protects the integrity of your tracks and ultimately can extend the life and usage of your machine. Visit your nearest dealer or stockist to view the TrackGrip attachments and buy in-store.


We know that our TrackGrip products can have a massive impact on your worksite this winter by improving safety for your operators, increasing productivity and adding traction to your machine no matter what terrain it’s up against. Not convinced? See what our customers have to say.