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Track Attachments for Forestry

Enhanced traction for forestry equipment operators working on tough terrain.

Track attachments for excavators and tracked vehicles in forestry operations providing the traction needed to work on tough terrain.

Excavators play a vital role in various aspects of forestry operations, from initial site preparation to timber harvesting and environmental restoration. Their versatility and ability to handle a wide range of tasks make them vital tools in the forestry industry.

The terrain in North American forests can range from flat to mountainous, with steep slopes, rocky terrain, and dense vegetation. This variability can present challenges for forestry operations, requiring specialized equipment and techniques.

We believe added safety, stability and traction is required for excavator operators and forestry equipment operators working in the forestry industry. Our track attachment MightyGrip is built for the most punishing forestry landscapes and is guaranteed to enhance your machine and operator safety on the job.

Heavy Duty Traction for Excavators and Steel Tracked Vehicles working in Forestry.

Discover the benefits of MightyGrip, a cutting-edge bolt-on track attachment engineered for your excavators, hoes and steel-tracked vehicles. Crafted from high tensile steel, MightyGrip’s heavy-duty additional wear plates and gussets add strength for use in the most punishing environments like steep slopes, rocky terrain, and dense forestry vegetation.

Why choose MightyGrip over traditional grousers or cleats?
  • Enhanced stability and traction: MightyGrip spans the entire width of your track, promoting even weight distribution and eliminating side-to-side rocking for enhanced stability.
  • Install and remove in minutes: Fitting MightyGrips involve a simple  30-minute bolt-on installation and removal process. No welding or drilling is required, preserving the integrity of your tracks.
  • Improved vehicle operator safety: Whether you’re a forestry equipment operator driving a feller buncher, mulcher, log loader or harvester, MightyGrip will improve safety and help operators navigate difficult terrain.
MightyGrip - Track Attachment for Forestry


  • Improves safety, traction and stability
  • Patented sideways protection – prevents sideways sliding
  • Install a full set in 30 minutes – no drilling or welding required
  • Easy removal when you change terrain


mightygrip bolt-on track attachment for forestry conditionsFORESTRY

mightygrip bolt-on track attachment for muddy conditionsMUD

mightygrip bolt-on track attachment for snowy conditionsSNOW

mightygrip bolt-on track attachment for clay conditionsCLAY

mightygrip bolt-on track attachment for rock and shale conditionsROCK



MightyGrip – the only track attachment needed for intense forestry operations.

Our flagship MightyGrip is your best option for gaining traction, stability and operator safety. MightyGrip is designed with exceptional sideways protection to prevent sliding in difficult, steep, or slippery forestry conditions.

With fast, easy installation and removal (approx. 15-30 minutes!) and no welding or drilling required, you maintain the integrity of your tracks while keeping your machines versatile to be used on different terrain as needed.

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“Access was tight with large near vertical drops on either side. The terrain was sandstone base – very soft and unstable.”

Read how Morepork Forest Harvesting used TrackGrip attachments to dramatically improve traction and stability when operating on forestry debris.


Are you searching for better traction, stability, and safety for forestry equipment operators?

Our MightyGrip track attachments are sold exclusively through our extensive dealer network throughout North America and right across the globe. Find your nearest TrackGrip dealer to purchase in-store today!