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icegrip information snow traction devices no drilling or welding required

“The IceGrips turned my job around – I could work in previously inaccessible mountainous terrain and sub-zero conditions. They gave me solid traction when ascending and descending slopes and operating on hardpack.”

– Excavat Ltd, New Zealand
Cold and frozen conditions, manufactured from high tensile steel for extreme durability
Patents: CA3009647A1, EP3393894B1, NZ744143A1, US11390341B2

IceGrip is a snow traction device to provide increased traction, stability and safety for excavators, hoes, skid steers and steel tracked vehicles. Manufactured from high tensile steel, the heavy duty design provides excellent sideways protection. This prevents your excavator or tracked vehicle from sideways sliding on ice, permafrost and all manner of terrains.

If you use ice lugs or excavator track ice cleats as a snow traction device, try IceGrip. Ice lugs/cleats are welded onto your tracks so can compromise them. In contrast IceGrip sits the full width of your track distributing weight evenly. Ice lugs can damage the road and your trailer while transporting. With TrackGrip’s IceGrip you can take them off in 15-30 minutes when you hit a road or change terrain – no drilling or welding required.


  • Multi-fit across all track sizes
  • Improves safety, traction and stability in any condition
  • Patented sideways protection – prevents sideways sliding
  • Functional at minus 15 degrees Fahrenheit/minus 25 degrees Celsius
  • Install a full set in 30 minutes
  • Easy removal when you change terrain








IceGrip for Extreme Durability

The Challenge:

Perisher Ski Field in Australia’s Snowy Mountains conducts maintenance on their ski field in the off season. Ski field gradients range from 22° to 40° plus. The soil is fine and clogs the triple bar shoes breaking traction.


The Solution:  

Peter Vagne fitted his Hitachi ZX120 with 14 TrackGrip IceGrips (ITG-500-MH). Manufactured from high tensile steel for extreme durability, these snow traction devices function at minus 15 degrees Fahrenheit/minus 25 degrees Celsius. Serrated teeth have been designed to penetrate through ice, snow, rock and shale with the side spikes providing exceptional sideways protection. It meant less time benching to do work.


The Outcome:

  • Access to previous inaccessible mountainous terrain in sub-zero conditions
  • Improved safety – exceptional sideways protection when ascending and descending slopes and walking across on an angle
  • Improved traction and stability on hard packed clays and loose shale
  • Improved productivity – massive savings on the time taken to complete the job

Peter Vagne, Excavat Ltd, New Zealand

US11390341B2 – Patent – USA
CA3009647A1 – Patent Application – Canada
EU3393894B1 – Patent – Europe
NZ744143A1 – Patent Application – New Zealand
RU2721434C2 – Patent – Russia

IceGrip FAQs

What is an IceGrip?

The IceGrip is a snow traction device – a patented steel cleat/gripper that clamps onto the steel track shoe of excavators, dozers and tracked vehicles to increase and enhance traction in snow and ice environments. IceGrip is designed not to come off the track shoe because of the patented design and sideways protection that helps prevent sliding on all hard surfaces. IceGrip improves safety, traction and stability in challenging ice and snow terrains.  If you use ice lugs or excavator track ice cleats, try IceGrip – no welding or drilling required.

What terrain and weather conditions has IceGrip been designed for?

Patented IceGrip provides for increased traction, safety and stability in ice, permafrost, rock, shale, compact snow and ski mountains. Excavator operators have driven up steep slopes on 10+ feet of solid ice using IceGrip as a snow traction device and it provides full traction.  It is an alternative to ice lugs with the added benefit of sideways protection.

As a snow traction device, how does IceGrip hold up on excavator and tracked vehicles that are twisting and turning on ice and snow?

IceGrip is a snow traction device that has been designed with patented sideways protection. This prevents sideways sliding in deep, hard ice and snow conditions.  Most ice lugs and excavator track ice cleats do not provide this benefit.

When it comes to snow traction devices, what are the main benefits to an excavator or tracked vehicle operator when they choose IceGrip over Ice lugs or excavator track ice cleats?

IceGrips are removable and require no welding or drilling.  They can be installed or removed in 30 minutes whereas ice lugs and excavator track ice cleats become a permanent fixture and can both tear up roads and transport equipment.

TrackGrip - The ultimate traction upgrade.

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