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chaingrip information track vehicle attachments no drilling or welding required

“The pay-back from reduced machine downtime plus the huge increase in operator safety makes having a set of ChainGrips a really worthwhile investment.”

– Mouse’s Fencing Contractors, New Zealand
Multi-fit across 95% tracks
Patents: CA3009647A1, EP3393894B1, NZ744143A1, US11390341B2

ChainGrip is a type of excavator track grip, specifically a chain track attachment to provide increased traction, stability and safety for excavators, hoes, skid steers and rubber tracked vehicles. Designed to multi-fit across 95% of tracks, ChainGrip supports work in all conditions and is the most versatile of the TrackGrip products – these traction control devices provide the same benefits as chains on a rubber-tyred vehicle.

The advantage of ChainGrips is the speed and ease of use. They’re great for clearing carparks and driveways of snow, through to providing traction on dirt slopes in farm and forestry terrain. ChainGrips take just 15-30 minutes to install and remove via a simple bolt on bolt off mechanism.


  • Improves safety, traction and stability in any condition
  • Assists with sideways protection
  • Install a full set in 30 minutes
  • Easy removal when changing terrain


Chaingrip excavator track grip a chain track attachment for all work conditions ALL CONDITIONS

  • Supports work in all conditions
  • Great for clearing car lots and driveways
  • Ideal for terrains requiring less aggressive traction


USD $150

each (excl tax)

Recommended set Quantity: 16



Traction for Steep, Dry Ground

The Challenge:

A fencing contract in a forestry block involved installing 1.5km of fencing boundary around the trees. It was steep, dry and the base was like gravel. It would have been like a skating rink without the ChainGrips.


The Solution:  

Using excavator track grips, in this case ChainGrips. “The indents in the ground show where they’re biting in. Without the ChainGrips we would have had to do some of the job by hand which would have stretched it out. I get to hills and either climb or back up them – I don’t even stop to think if the vehicle will make it. I know the ChainGrips will come through for me,” says Mouse Maketoni


The Outcome:

  • Easy installation – “The only time I take the ChainGrips off is when I’m transporting and need to put the vehicle on a trailer.  I’ve got installation of all 16 units down to 15-20 minutes.”

  •  Massively reduced downtime – “The ChainGrips saved us a possible two weeks delay on a three week job.”

  • Traction, stability and safety for you and your vehicle – prevents slipping and sliding in previously unworkable conditions – provides you peace of mind.

Mouse’s Fencing, Taranaki, New Zealand
PCT/NZ2023/050132 – Patent Application – PCT
US29/910,284 – Design Application – USA
US29/910,287 – Design Application – USA

ChainGrip FAQs

When considering excavator track grips, how is ChainGrip unique compared to the other TrackGrip products?

ChainGrip is an excavator track grip or excavator track chain.  It is the easiest and quickest product to put on and off your tracked vehicle.  It is the most versatile of all the TrackGrip products as it can run on hardpack or any surface, and is less aggressive.

What kind of tracks can you fit ChainGrip to?

ChainGrip is an excavator track grip that fits both steel and rubber tracks for excavators, skid steers and tracked vehicles.  As a traction control device, it is multi-fit across 95% of tracks.

How does TrackGrip’s ChainGrip increase operator and vehicle safety on slopes?

As a traction control device, ChainGrip provides increased safety in previously unworkable conditions due to the traction and bite the chains provide into the ground.  These excavator track chains assist with sideways protection when going uphill and downhill, increasing traction, stability and safety for the tracked vehicle and its operator.

How long does it take to install and remove a set of ChainGrips?

A set of 16 ChainGrips means 8 are fitted to each track of an excavator or tracked vehicle.  The simple bolt-on/ bolt-off mechanism, no drilling or welding required, means it takes 15-30 minutes to install, and the same time to remove.  It makes these excavator track chains easy to use and versatile.

TrackGrip - The ultimate traction upgrade.

Mud • Snow
Shale • Rock • Forestry
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