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TrackGrip – tougher than the toughest terrain

Carac International Ltd is a New Zealand family-owned business, and leader in innovation and patented products. They have been operating for 35 years since 1988. Combining a spirit of innovation and engineering know-how, John Burling, Carac International Ltd Director, developed TrackGrip excavator track attachments as a solution to get tracked vehicles in and out of tough situations with ease. He answered an industry need for site safety following his own experience of a health and safety incident. Since 2010 TrackGrip has become renowned internationally for reliability and effectiveness. The company is delivering new international markets to take the product worldwide.

“By helping operators work faster and safer we’ve enjoyed amazing reception to the product range with sales expanding internationally. Our investment in the latest equipment, technology and qualified staff ensures its consistency as a high performance product range.”
says John Burling, TrackGrip Innovator

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How it works

TrackGrip’s excavator track attachments offer added traction, forward and sideways, for all types of tracked machinery. Fast, easy installation and removal. No drilling or welding to your tracks. Learn more about our excavator attachments.


TrackGrip is one of the most extensively researched, developed and tested range of excavator track attachments available, supported by individual patents. Carac International Ltd has worked alongside customers worldwide in Research and Development to achieve the product range. They are an award-winning, innovative end-to-end engineering manufacturing business with multiple facilities housing state of the art machinery.

Manufactured in New Zealand and the USA from the hardest high-tensile steel on the market ensures the unique adjustable designs are highly durable and able to withstand any site condition. The steel grade is hardened and abrasion resistant, offering long life expectancy in high impact environments.

Each product is manufactured to fit a range of track configurations and vehicle weights providing customised solutions for all. With a simple bolt on option for operators to install and uninstall, it takes 15-20 minutes – no drilling or welding required.

Development of TrackGrip’s latest product – ChainGrip

John Burling, inventor of the TrackGrip range of products in 2010, extended the range in 2021 with the development of ChainGrip.

A key motivator for the development of this latest product was a response to market developments – as new models of excavators and tracked vehicles were launched to market there were a lot of new track widths in both steel and rubber tracks. John wanted to provide a product that was universal across track widths as well as the new profiles and patterns that were appearing on tracks.

Twelve months were spent testing and developing ChainGrip in 2021– this involved trials on the clamps and chains for strength, reliability, and destruction with various tonnages of vehicles.

ChainGrip fits 95% of the width of the tracks regardless of the size of the track. It has one adjustable bolt system to attach and provides the most versatility of the TrackGrip range of products. The chain is reversible and can be rotated 180 degrees providing for extended lifetime.

Provisional patents were set up and the product was released on the New Zealand and United States markets in 2022.

Read here to learn how ChainGrip cut downtime for a fencing contractor.

NZ626137B2 – Patent – New Zealand
TrackGrip guarantee and warranty

Our Warranty

If you are using TrackGrip product as intended, within the operational parameters specified in the user’s guide, and there is a product failure we will replace it within 12 months of purchase date.