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The Challenge:

Aaron from Dual Tech Fencing has years of experience in very challenging hill country environments. Recently trying to get his Protech fencing machine to the top of a steep ridge with extremely tight track access was blocking a job.

At points the slope exceeded 45 degrees. Weather created a very slippery track on primarily mudstone sub-surface. It was downtime he couldn’t afford.

The Solution:

The Protech Evo1 was fitted with ten RubberGrips to provide additional stability and traction, allowing work to continue in the wet and slippery conditions. This meant an already delayed job could continue when it would normally have been called off.

No permanent modification was required to the tracks as the RubberGrips simply bolt on and bolt off, making for easy transport and attachment removal when changing terrains.

The outcome:

Aaron noted the following improvements to his working conditions:

  • Increased sideways protection – the ability to operate with improved stability when climbing or descending a slope and walking across on an angle
  • Dramatically improved traction and stability when operating in mudstone
  • Improved fuel efficiency
  • Reduced downtime and the ability to work in previously unworkable conditions